At The British Fashion Awards 2012

At The British Fashion Awards 2012

Well, hi there. My name’s Rachel and I’m a writer, blogger and sometimes copywriter living in London.

I’m Editor-In-Chief at British Style Bloggers and I also write for Phoenix Magazine.

I was shortlisted as Young Journalist of the Year as part of the Clothes Show’s Creative Awards 2013, in association with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Some other companies I’ve written for/worked with as a writer and blogger include, New Look, Company Magazine, HI! Magazine, Winchester Fashion Week, Bristol Fashion Week, Sugar Magazine (, at V Festival, Moxy Apparel, The Daily Echo, Music Magpie, Next and Young Writer Magazine. I have also covered multiple seasons of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards. You can read more about me here:

As a creative writer, I’ve had my work featured in roughly (I forget…) fifteen books both in the UK and USA. I was longlisted for the Christopher Tower Poetry Prize in 2011 and was a national finalist in ‘Poetry Rivals’ 2010.

Watch This Place was initially going to be one of those boring, carbon-copy fashion blogs but I got bored of taking pictures of myself. So, now it’s basically my portfolio…with the odd random extra added in.


Please e-mail for anything BSB related, and for anything else.

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