When all else fails, DIY.

Summer sun + re-emergence of the summer wardrobe = the need for endless pairs of shorts. But it was only when I went out to buy shorts for this summer that I realised the utter lack of them out there – at least in the exact style I want. They can’t be too baggy or too tight, they can’t have turns ups at the bottom, they can’t be too long, they can’t be too ‘clean-cut’ (weird as it sounds, looking a little like a hamsters had a nibble at the hems would be great, thanks), they can’t be the ‘wrong’ colour or shade…

…. And let’s not forget that once you’ve (and if you ever) find THAT perfect pair of denim shorts, then there are the others to invest in: the studded, the patterned, the floral, the brightly coloured…

Short-junkies might agree with me that the high street seems to come up short.

I often find cheap pairs of jeans in Primark and other cheap stores that don’t work as trousers (pink polka-dot skinnies are a little hard to rock), but would work great as a pair of shorts. So, the solution? Get scissor happy.

Customized Shorts

Using a good pair of shorts you already own (that fit well), trace around the outline of them against the jeans, try them on to check the markings, snip, and done. Totally awesome pair of shorts complete. Distress and customize to your heart’s content. Along with boots and worn with endless styles of t-shirt, you’re set for summer.

Summer shorts – what will you be wearing?

Rachel xxx

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  1. The only problem I have with homemade shorts is that the dangly pockets would annoy the hell out of me.

    So if the pockets are miniture, bring it on :)

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