Blogging and being on the the deathbed. Fun times.

Okay, I lie. I’m not actually dying…

But I am ill. And anyone that keeps a blog out there will more than understand that content is key – you stop posting, you stop getting readers.

So…after I left the country (and my blog) for a week and then developed this lovely, er, disease, I’ve been spending my time eating ice-cream and taking paracetemol, lusting over THIS Valentino bag (did I mention I LOVE leopard print?) and crying (whilst eating the previously mentioned ice-cream with a shovel, of course) as I watch my blog views plummet down and far, far away into fashion blogging heaven.

So, do an ill girl a favour and tell all your friends how INSANELY COOL this blog is. Which it is. Even if I’m not at my journalistic/creative prime right now.

Which brings me to, entirely tenuously, the summer, the sun and the fact that YES, I can now finally use sunscreen. Which means…I should probably be dressing like this:

When in reality, I’m dressing like this:

Because 1) I haven’t been a ‘girly-girl’ since I was about thirteen and 2) how’s a girl supposed to go to summer shopping in a condition that involves frequent sleeping and frequent sneezing?

So, until I can take the oh-so-energy-consuming trip to the shops, here are some online picks of summer dresses that caught my eye:

£48, Topshop

£58, Urban Outfitters

£20, ASOS

£42, Urban Outfitters

£39.99, River Island


Summer fashion? What are your opinions? What will you be wearing?

Rachel xxx

1 comment
  1. I like the black one.

    But I musn’t buy any more black dresses. No.

    Ah, sod it. Get well soon!

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