Because you can never have too many dresses…

Ahead of release on April 14th, Topshop have released previews of their upcoming ‘Dress Up’ collection. The looks, photographed by Yvan Rodic (of Face Hunter blogging fame) can now be viewed on Facebook and on the Topshop website.

It’s the glitz and girly glam of immature dress-up meets the flair and versitality of grown up glamour – which makes a change, thankfully, just at a time when Topshop seemed to be slipping a little too into the ‘mainstream’ for my liking. I’ve always admired the brand for it’s unique style, but I can’t help but feeling recently that it’s left me…well…a little uninspired. (Where was the obvious statement, the inherant trademarks that just screamed URGH, AWESOME at you? Where was the idea that Topshop was the runway on a ‘budget’?) But this new collection beautifully collides glamour and style. Be excited.

(Photos: Topshop)

All I need now is a super-glamourous event…

Check out the collection – what do you guys think??

Rachel xxx

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