Hey Summer…slight issue…I’m a Floral-Phobic.

Among spiders, the fear of getting hit by an oncoming lorry and possibly the fear of never, ever extending my writing platform far beyond my blog (and those few magazines or books here and there that have taken and printed my oh-so-rambling words), I’m not so fanatic about colour.

Don’t get me wrong – I mean, I own a pair of fuchsia hotpants for goodness sake – but when push comes to shove, it’ll most definitely take the shove (or maybe, in the case of an orange, floral onesie or something of that garish nature, a gunpoint) to make me don something outside the monotone comfort zone.

For me, colour is selective. I’d rather just pick one colour, if any, to act as a statement, rather than drape myself in reams of rainbow-inspired fabrics. So, what’s a girl to do when this season the likes of Stella McCartney, Erdem, Prada and beyond offer dresses that look a little like the meadow-fairy vomited up its petal-happy insides all over them? And on a ‘scape money out of your purse – I’m a student and I can’t get a part-time job ANYWHERE despite being BRILLIANT’ budget, Topshop just ain’t gonna go back to Autumn’s array of black, maroons and camels at the click of a finger, I’m afraid.

But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to wear a little bit of floral here and there. Just not a huge amount. And most definitely, in small doses.

What to wear when colour isn’t your thing

-          Just don’t wear them all at once…



Ditch the usual black; inject some colour into your boots. These floral Dr. Martens would look great with denim shorts and a tee (and yes, those shorts and a tee can be black, if you so wish – the bright colour of the shoes balances out the other dark shades.) I like this. A lot.





Keep the shorts floral, and the rest? Not so much. Floral is not a trend to be overloaded, especially when wearing something quite stand-outish, such as these shorts (from Topshop). To keep the ‘less is more’ theology, wear something like this with relatively plain shoes, tops and accessories. After all, you don’t want to take away the attention from that statement item.



There’s no summer without the sunnies. A personal favourite of mine – the floral sunglasses. There’s no better way for understated summer colour than with your sunglasses, especially since you might spend the height of your sunny days with them glued and surgically attached to your face. Though, the Dolce & Gabbana pair in the picture, pretty as they are, cost around £160. Back to the ‘I have no money point’, just go to ASOS for £9.

Still not feeling it? Don’t forget jewellery or accessories when going for a trend, and here it’s one of the easiest things of all to get right. Set off and otherwise plain look with a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings and rejoice – you’ve mastered a little bit of floral without having to don a fruit-salad leopard.


How are you guys planning to wear floral this spring/summer? Or maybe you’re planning to steer well-clear?
Comments much appreciated. :)

Rachel xxx

P.S: Since November, I’ve been doing some work as a ‘Style Councillor’ for The Shopping Forecast. Feel like checking out some of the items I’ve picked? Maybe even placing a few votes? THANKS. :)


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  1. Aha. Excellent. I love the sunshine, but every year since I was ten there has been an argument between my mother and I starting with, “Why don’t you stop wearing black this year?”

    I have yet to reply “Yes, okay.”

    Now I can finally live up to her hopes of being fashionable and well dressed without giving up my nail varnish! Thanks :)

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