The Walking, Talking Advertisement.

“Forget flyers. Wear your ads.”

So it was during my recent time in Spain that I stumbled across these incredibly awesome items of clothing – a whole range of fashion blogging t-shirts! After trying on pretty much the entire range (from a shop called ‘Pimkie’ – I’ve been into their stores in both Spain and Germany), I decided to not buy the black one (which, coming from my insane love for the shade, was a huge phenomenon) and settled on the white one, boldly proclaiming “Everybody Talks About My Blog!” [See bottom picture].

Much as I doubt this is true, (though why we’re on the topic, why not do me a favour and go up to the person nearest to you and start a conversation about how awesome my blog and myself are?), as a fashion blogger I find this nerdishly cool. And what a conversation starter (- “You have a blog?” – “Well, now that you mention it…”).

P.S: And I love the Topshop lipstick I’m wearing. Très gothique.

Any fashion bloggers out there, how do you go about getting the word out about your work?

Rachel xxx

1 comment
  1. I’m not a fashion blogger…

    But I would buy that t-shirt. :D

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