The below feature was published by Gigwise as part of the premiere of Darlia’s ‘Stars Are Aligned’ music video. Co-written with Ciara Judge.

Darlia at The Great Escape. Photo: Gigwise/Richard Gray

It was only up until recently that the charts were completely saturated with a plethora of dance-pop hybrids, but some say 2014 marks the return of rock to the public mainstream. Spearheaded by bands such as Drenge, Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, Slaves and, of course, Darlia themselves, there’s no doubt a backlash of sorts is happening.

“It depends on what people want. If people suddenly want ten-pieces who all play saxophones, they’ll just be more of them because that’s what people want. It’s not about what people are doing, it’s about what people want,” says Darlia’s frontman Nathan Day, talking about this supposed rock revival, before the final night of their biggest headline tour to date. And what people seem to want is the filthy guitar riffs, loud dynamics and galvanising sounds that the trio (Nathan, along with bassist Dave Williams and drummer Jack Bentham) have become known for.

The band only started touring in the past year following the release of their first EP ‘Knock Knock’ in October 2013. What followed included an Australian tour alongside New York’s Skaters, a slot supporting The Libertines – which they describe as “more of an honour than an experience” – as well as the climax of filling out Reading & Leed’s Festival Republic tent this summer. Their scuzzy, unashamedly loud sound, added into the fact that with his blonde mop of hair and smudged black eyeliner frontman Nathan Day bears a slight resemblance to Kurt Cobain, has meant the band has received press buzz comparing them to the 90’s most famous grunge band. A compliment? Darlia aren’t so sure.

“I get that. I do. I’ve got blonde hair. I’m in a three piece and I sing. That’s the way it is,” Nathan admits, shrugging. “There’s people who just think we sound like Nirvana and it really, really irritates me because that’s just not what we want…I really respect Kurt Cobain as a musician. But I also respect Noel Gallagher and I respect Pete Doherty and I respect Kate Bush.” … [Continue reading on Gigwise]


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